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Foundations of Canadian Law

Foundations of Canadian Law

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2033 Ignat Kaneff

The Graduate Diploma in Foundations of Canadian Law is the only program of its kind in Canada. It is designed to provide a deep understanding of Canadian law in the key areas of public and private law. It covers foundational aspects of the Canadian legal landscape, including Canada’s legal history and structure; skills-focused topics, such as legal research and writing; and more specialized topics, through elective courses chosen by students. Students learn from expert faculty members and network with professionals across a variety of industries. The Graduate Diploma in Foundations of Canadian Law opens the doors to better career opportunities in the Canadian legal market and may set the stage for further graduate study.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission, an applicant must normally meet the following criteria: a bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall “B” average or equivalent and at least two years of professional experience in which they have been exposed to law or risk issues.

The graduate diploma program considers applicants who do not meet this requirement on the basis of significant senior related experience.

In addition, applicants whose first language is not English must meet the language requirements outlined on the Osgoode Professional
Development website:

Diploma Requirements

Students must complete 18 course credits in total, including the required courses:
Graduate Diploma in Canadian Law 6201 3.0: Canadian Legal Research and Analysis
Graduate Diploma in Canadian Law 6202 3.0: Academic and Applied Legal Writing
Graduate Diploma in Canadian Law 6203 3.0: Introduction to Canadian Public Law
Graduate Diploma in Canadian Law 6204 3.0: Introduction to Canadian Private Law

Additionally, students must complete 6 credits of electives drawn from Osgoode Professional Development’s many Professional LLM specializations. Electives may include the following:

Canadian Common Law 6843 6.0: Canadian Criminal Law
Canadian Common Law 6841 6.0: Canadian Constitutional Law
Business Law for International Students 6838 6.0: Business Associations for International Law Graduates
Canadian Common Law 6840 6.0: Contract Law
Canadian Common Law 6855 6.0: Fundamentals of Family Law
Canadian Common Law 6876 6.0: Real Estate Transactions