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International & Security Studies

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The Graduate Diploma in International & Security Studies provides master’s and doctoral students the opportunity to specialize in the area of international and security studies, and to have this specialization noted on their transcripts.

The graduate diploma is awarded concurrently with the master’s or doctoral degree for which the student is registered. All requirements for the graduate diploma and relevant degree, either master’s or doctoral, must be fulfilled before the graduate diploma is awarded.

For more information, contact the Graduate Diploma Coordinator at Alternatively, any staff member in the Graduate Program in Political Science can be contacted (see The mailing address is: Graduate Program in Political Science, York University, 637 South Ross Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3; or call (416) 736-2100, extension 88825.

Admission Requirements

All candidates for the graduate diploma must first be admitted to a graduate program at York University. They may register for the graduate diploma once their master’s or doctoral program of study has been clearly defined, normally before the course work has been completed.

Diploma Requirements

  1. Students must successfully complete two graduate courses relevant to international & security studies:
    Political Science 6086 3.0: Power and Violence
    Political Science 6225 3.0: Critical Security Studies
    Political Science 6275 3.0: Ethnonationalist Conflicts and World Politics
    Political Science 6515 3.0: The Making of the Modern Middle East: Politics, States and Societies
    Social Anthropology 5145 3.0: Critical Approaches to Gender, Displacement and Mobility
    Disaster & Emergency Management 5060 3.0: Terrorism Studies I
    Environmental Studies 5070 3.0: Extraction and Its Discontents
    Public & International Affairs 6314 3.0: The Environmental Crisis: International and Public Policy Implications

    Any other course from any graduate program that has been approved by the Graduate Diploma Coordinator. Approval will require that the course be relevant to the aims of the Graduate Diploma in International & Security Studies.
    Note: Not all of the designated courses may be offered in any one year.
  1. Students must successfully complete at least one half-course at the graduate level, above and beyond the requirements of the master’s or doctoral program in which the student is registered. This requirement may be satisfied by one of the courses from regulation 1 above.
  1. Students must prepare a research paper on a subject approved by the Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in International & Security Studies. It must fall within a research theme bearing on international and security studies. This paper will not count towards the student’s master’s or doctoral program or towards the additional half course required for the graduate diploma. This paper must be submitted to the Graduate Diploma Coordinator, who may, depending on its content, send it out for additional review by a relevant York University faculty member. For the purposes of the graduate diploma, in order for the paper to be accepted, it must be deemed by the Coordinator - and any reviewers - to be of a standard that is equivalent to a working paper.
  1. In addition to the research paper for the graduate diploma (item 3 above), students must write a major research paper, thesis or dissertation, supervised by a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies affiliated with the graduate diploma, on a topic approved by the Graduate Diploma Coordinator. The topic must fall within a research theme relevant to international and security studies. Note: This paper normally serves as the major research paper, thesis, or dissertation used to fulfill the requirement of the master’s or doctoral program in which the student is registered.