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Do octopuses, squid and crabs have emotions?

Octopuses can solve complex puzzles and show a preference for different individuals, but whether they, and other animals and invertebrates, have emotions is being hotly debated and could shake up humans' moral decision-making, says a York University expert in animal minds, Kristin Andrews.

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Why are contemporary philosophers such bad writers?

To understand how a group thinks, pay attention to what the initiates must work at learning. For instance, teach first-time philosophy students and watch them struggle with the peculiar prose of our journals. There’s the cumbersome jargon, of course, and the gratuitously anti-mnemonic acronyms. But these vices belong to all scholarly writing. Other literary landmines are more clearly philosophical.

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Alumni in the News

Devin Curry

Many researchers have tried to zero in on an ideal conception of intelligence that reflects the one true manner in which well-functioning intellects operate… There are many different ways for minds to function well, and people’s conceptions of intelligence primarily reflect the particular patterns of mental functioning that they happen to value.

Why academia should embrace ‘Grandma’s metaphysics’

Nominations open for Top 30 Alumni Under 30

York's young alumni are inspiring positive change around the world. Do you know a York alum who is making a meaningful difference in their community? We want to hear from you! Nominations are due Oct. 15, 2022.

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Do you have a story or event to share with the wider graduate community? We’d love to hear from our students, faculty, staff, and alumni on what’s happening in and around FGS. Our digital platforms connect us with future and current students, as well as alumni and community partners, to help tell our story.

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