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Research Excellence

York is committed to excellence in research and scholarship in all its forms. Informed by a strong commitment to shared values, including the promotion of social justice, diversity, and the public good, we aspire through our research to better understand the human condition and the world around us and to employ the knowledge we gain in the service of society.


Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Research within the Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy is determined by the proposed projects presented by successful aspirants. Our students complete a thesis and/or dissertation, which then becomes published as "Electronic Theses & Dissertations" and sits as a public document within our institutional repository - YorkSpace.

Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy Electronic Theses

Awards & Recognition

Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis was the inaugural speaker for The Physics Hour, a seminar series organized by the Canadian Association of Physicists' Student Advisory Council for undergraduate students interested in learning about research in a different area of physics. He spoke on "Using quantum computers to simulate elementary particles."

Ozzy Mermut

Ozzy Mermut is a co-PI on a $1.65 million NSERC CREATE Grant for the project “Microsystems Technologies & Application,” led by Regina Lee (Lassonde) and including co-PIs Pouya Rezai and Gerd Grau (Lassonde). The program aims to address the need for innovation in microsystems technologies and the skilled workforce to fill the rapid growth in the global market.

Photo of Adam Muzzin

Adam Muzzin

Adam Muzzin was awarded a 44-hour program on the James Webb Space Telescope. His project, entitled “JWST in Technicolor: Finding and Mapping the Most Extreme Star-Forming Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization with Medium and Narrow Bands” was the second-largest successful Canadian program in terms of time granted with the telescope.

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The Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.