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STS Graduate Students' Association

What is STS GSA?

The Science & Technology Studies Graduate Student Association (STS GSA) represents all graduate students registered in the STS program. The STS GSA supports the educational needs and provides social activities for the graduate students. The STS GSA organizes the annual STS graduate student conference and supports other STS academic activities.It holds several meetings over the academic year to address students’ interests and concerns. Members elect an executive and appoint representatives to various committees.

We welcome new and returning students to get involved by participating in the GSA-sponsored events, holding elected positions and volunteering to help on committees and at events.

Positions, Election & Constitution

STS GSA Executive Committee Representatives, Council Representatives and Committee Chairs are elected by September 30 every year, with an election held after incoming students have been oriented. Constitution (updated Fall 2017).


  • President (or 2 Co-Presidents):
    Organizes and oversees meetings.
    Communicates with GSA officers, general membership and program executive.
  • Treasurer / Secretary:
    Manages the STS GSA finances.
    Records and distributes meetings’ minutes.
  • MA Representative to the program executive:
    Represents the MA students to the STS program executive.
  • PhD Representative to the program executive:
    Represents the PhD students to the STS program executive.
  • 2 STS Representatives to the York GSA / Councillors:
    Represent the STS GSA at the monthly York University Graduate Students Association.
  • Graduate Conference Chair:
    Plans and organizes the graduate student conference.

STS GSA Executive 2022–2023

  • President: Guilherme Cavalcante Silva
  • Vice-President: Katrina Matheson
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Em Panetta
  • MA Graduate Executive Committee Rep: Jaimy Warner
  • PhD Graduate Executive Committee Rep: Michelle Charette
  • 2 x YUGSA Counsellors: Nicole W, Shelbey Walker
  • Graduate Conference Co-Chairs: Katrina Matheson, Jaimy Warner, Hana Holubec, Jennifer Lindsay
  • Workshop and Events Coordinator: Sasha Akhavi, Hana Holubec, Yoonmee Han
  • CUPE 3903 Steward : Alex Wilson
  • Representative to FGS Council: Yoonmee Han

STS Graduate Conference

Since 2011, the graduate students in the Science & Technology Studies graduate program have organized an annual graduate student conference. While the annual conference theme changes, the topics generally reflect the nature of our program and the work it nurtures. The conference is normally held in the spring.

Current Conference Theme & Call for Papers

  • To be decided

Past Conference Themes & Programs

Learn More

The Graduate Program in Science & Technology Studies at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.