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International Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy (ISEFT)

Founded in 2011, ISEFT is an international organization of Emotion-Focused Therapy training centres. ISEFT is a community of explorers involved in understanding the role of therapeutic relationship and emotion in promoting the alleviation of suffering and growth. The International Society consists of a group of training centres which conduct approved trainings in Emotion-focused Therapy. These centres offer educational courses and training for mental health professions (externships, workshops, training, supervision, etc.) around the world as well as engaging in clinical research and theory development. ISEFT promotes training in both individual and couple therapy. The EFT clinic at York University is pleased to be a certified training centre.

ISEFT holds two biennial conferences. One for trainers, to help them discuss issues related to training, and one for practitioners trained in EFT to update and expand their knowledge and skills.

You can visit the ISEFT website here:
ISEFT Website