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Faculty of Health Student Caucus (FHSC)

Faculty of Health Student Caucus
The Faculty of Health Student Caucus (FHSC) is a student-led organization whose purpose is to act as a unifying body for all of the student organizations and colleges affiliated with the Faculty of Health. This includes Stong College Student Government (SCSG), Calumet College Council (CCC), Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization (KAHSSO), Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA), Student Association for Health Management, Policy and Informatics (SAHMPI), Nursing Student Association at York (NSAY), and Global Health Student Association (GHSA).

What we do

FHSC implements activities and events that aim to improve the Faculty of Health by expanding networks, providing leadership opportunities and addressing students' feedback on their student experience in the Faculty of Health. We aim to bridge the gap between students, faculty and administration.

How we support you

  • Host events/activities (fun, destress, academic, and educational) throughout the year.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students through our ambassadorship program to gain leadership skills and make connections with your peers within the faculty.
  • Serve as a representative, by representing all Faculty of Health students at various council meetings within the University where we act as a voice for YOU.

If you have any feedback, events or recommendations for enhancing the overall learning experience for Faculty of Health students please share with us through our anonymous feedback form. This form is entirely anonymous, fostering openness and transparency. Your valuable input will help us address student life and curriculum issues, bridge gaps, and improve our collective experience in the Faculty of Health.

We believe that you, our students, are potential 'agents of change' within the YorkU community. By sharing your feedback, you actively shape our future. Your voice matters to us and could spark significant change. We bring up these recommendations and feedback at various student success council meetings to represent you better.

2024/25 ELECTION