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Welcome to the Perry Lab!

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with developmental disabilities and empowering their families

The Perry Lab is in the Clinical Developmental Psychology program at York University, headed by Dr. Adrienne Perry. The lab focuses on research about autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities.

Most lab members are simultaneously conducting research and completing coursework and clinical training. We are committed to conducting and disseminating high quality research which is primarily applied in nature using a scientist-practitioner approach.

Our research is conducted in collaboration with various professionals and organizations and is integrated with clinical practice, student and professional training, dissemination to the field, policy work, and service contributions to professional organizations. 

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Nature of Autism

  • Factor structure of autism in relation to IQ
  • Sex differences in autism
  • Anxiety and autism
  • Psychopathology in autism
  • Assessment / diagnostic practices

Autism Intervention

  • Outcomes and predictors
  • Long-term follow up studies
  • Child + Family + Intervention -> Outcomes
  • Child's well-being and qualify of life
  • Developing / analyzing measures of Intensive Behavioural Intervention quality


  • Positive and negative family impacts
  • Model of stress outcomes and predictors
  • Studies with families of different cultures
  • Parents' knowledge and attitudes of autism / developmental disability and interventions
  • Family quality of life

Social Inclusion

  • Activity participation
  • Parents' social participation
  • Social interactions
  • School satisfaction
  • Challenging behaviours