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Join the Perry Lab!

We are committed to creating and contributing to a working/learning environment that embodies the following principles:

  • We believe in cooperation, collaboration, and collegiality within and outside the lab
  • We seek ways to include others in a project when possible and acknowledge people's contributions appropriately
  • We seek to create synergistic win-win situations whenever possible
  • We seek to welcome new team members and are open to their contributions while, at the same time, holding certain principles constant
  • We behave in ways which are trustworthy and deserving of respect; and we expect to be respected and trusted
  • We are accountable to ourselves, one another, our lab, our program, our university, and our profession
  • We believe we are all here to learn and grow, regardless of age or academic credentials
  • We believe each member should receive individualized, developmentally-appropriate supervision/support/feedback, based on their particular needs and goals
  • We emphasize the value of peer support and the mentorship of more senior lab members to more junior ones
  • We support and encourage one another and have fun together as we work
  • We see the lab as a secure base, as we venture out into new learning experiences in research and clinical work
  • We give our work a high priority but also value balance in our personal and professional lives and support one another in doing so
  • We seek always to uphold the highest standards of the profession (as articulated in the CPA Code of Ethics) in research, teaching, clinical work, and supervision
  • We believe we need to review our principles periodically and evaluate the extent to which we are living them with integrity

How to Apply

As of 2022, Dr. Perry is NO LONGER accepting new graduate students.

If you are interested in completing your MA and PhD in Clinical Developmental psychology, please visit the Graduate Program in Psychology's website. For additional admission inquiries and program information you can email

If you are interested in conducting your undergraduate honours thesis (HH/PSYC 4001) or independent study (HH/PSYC 3900 or 4900) under the supervision of Dr. Adrienne Perry, please connect with Dr. Perry through email (! Learn more about the honours thesis here.

Successful candidates are upper-year undergraduate students who will usually have prior research experience in psychology, great writing skills, and good grades.

Dr. Perry will be looking to accept new honours thesis students for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Perry Lab is not looking to accept any new RAs and volunteers.

For more information about gaining research experience, please visit this link for more details.