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Lab Alumni

Post Doctoral Fellow

Image of Matt Pachai

Matt Pachai

Postdoctoral Fellow - 2020

Graduate Students

Image of Sara Rafique

Sara Rafique

PhD - 2018

Image of Stefania Moro

Stefania Moro

PhD - 2018

Image of Krista Kelly

Krista Kelly

PhD - 2014

Image of Caitlin Mullin

Caitlin Mullin

PhD - 2013

Katerina Andrinopoulos

MA - 2023

Image of Karlene Stoby

Karlene Stoby

MA - 2020

Image of Nikita Ann Wong

Nikita Ann Wong

MA - 2018

Image of Lily Solomon-Harris

Lily Solomon-Harris

MA - 2015

Image of Rachel Ganaden

Rachel Ganaden

MA - 2013

Image of Adria Hoover

Adria Hoover

MA - 2010

Image of Chris Zanette

Chris Zanette

M.Sc. - 2008

Undergraduate Students

Image of Christiane Marie Canillo

Christiane Marie Canillo

Honours Student - 2022

Image of Kristina Ohlsson

Kristina Ohlsson

Research Assistant-2022 CVR Fellowship Program

Image of Mitchel Downham

Mitchel Downham

Honours Student - 2019

Image of Sagana Vijayarajah

Sagana Vijayarajah

Honours Student - 2018

Image of Sarah Zohar

Sarah Zohar

Honours Student - 2013

Image of Alexandre Giffard

Alexandre Giffard

Honours Student - 2012

Image of Adam Ghemraoui

Adam Ghemraoui

Honours Student - 2012

Image of Marina Verdichevski

Marina Verdichevski

Honours Student - 2011

Image of Trevor Chalmers

Trevor Chalmers

Honours Student - 2011

Image of Scott Cavalheiro

Scott Cavalheiro

Honours Student - 2010

Image of Puneet Shroff

Puneet Shroff

Honours Student - 2010

Image of Roksana A. Dobrin

Roksana A. Dobrin

Honours Student - 2009

Image of Atul Sabharwal

Atul Sabharwal

Honours Student - 2009

Image of Paul Brewster

Paul Brewster

Honours Student - 2008

Image of Jesse McKewn

Jesse McKewn

Honours Student - 2007

Image of Sandy Seliga

Sandy Seliga

Honours Student - 2006

Image of Farnaz Adibi

Farnaz Adibi

Research Assistant - 2010

Image of Sheng Hua Wang

Sheng Hua Wang

Research Assistant - 2008

Image of Carly Roher

Carly Roher

Research Assistant - 2008

Image of Josh Lipszyc

Josh Lipszyc

NSERC Summer Student - 2012

Image of Jaspreet Rayat

Jaspreet Rayat

NSERC Summer Student - 2008