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Welcome to the PATHS Instructor Toolbox!

Welcome to the PATHS instructor toolbox

The Pedagogy that Aids Transition for Higher-Ed Students (PATHS) instructor toolbox was developed to empower and inspire educators
to create learning opportunities that support first and second-year students in their transition to university studies by developing
attributes and skill sets that will help them succeed in academic situations and beyond.

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Team-based activities open opportunities for students to develop essential teamwork skills, including communication, leadership, planning, accountability, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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Self-reflection helps students examine how they acquire information, learn and engage in opportunities to develop new knowledge, and improve performance and decision-making.

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Self-regulation, which includes metacognition and mindfulness, helps students become independent, active learners that demonstrate resiliency in their academic journey.

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Scaffolded Learning
with Timely Feedback

When students participate in scaffolded learning and receive timely feedback from instructors, they are able to gain a stronger understanding and greater independence in their learning process.

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Connections to
Real-World Experience 

Connections between content and real-world examples enable students to learn and remember information better as well as improves their appreciation for what they are learning and why.

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The PATHS PressBook is an Open Educational Resource that was designed for students as a full PATHS learning experience and tool.

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