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Research Experiences to Support Diversity and Inclusion (REDI)

Graduate programs in psychology often lack representation from BIPOC students and individuals belonging to other marginalized groups. Many students face barriers accessing the research experiences that would make them competitive for graduate programs. These include limited time to volunteer in labs (e.g., due to work/caregiver duties), lack of mentorship (e.g., first-generation students), and limited prior experience. Recognizing these barriers, the REDI program is designed to provide students with low barrier, time-limited opportunities to gain experience in a research lab. The program is structured as an experiential learning opportunity geared toward students with little to no prior lab experience, and thus involves observation/shadowing more experienced researchers, mentorship from lab members, and reflection. Priority is given to students from underrepresented groups that have historically faced the most significant barriers to accessing research opportunities. This program helps to prepare students for more involved research opportunities in their upper years.

To participate in the REDI program, students complete an application in the summer and are then matched with a research labin the Fall. The REDI program is currently in its pilot stage. The Psychology department's DEDI committee, along with the JEDI committee associated with the Clinical Areas, are working to scale up the REDI program for future cohorts. Information about the next iteration of the program will be provided here once available.