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Social and Personality Psychology

Picture that reads: York University, Social Personality Psychology. Psychological Science Addressing Individual and Societal Issues.

Welcome to the Social and Personality Psychology Department at York University!

Our faculty and students in the Social and Personality Area are involved in basic and applied research on many topics, including: attitudes, culture, emotion, empathy, intergroup relations, personality, relationships, religiosity, the self, co-worker relations and forgiveness, cultural psychology, depression and self-esteem, dynamics of competition and cooperation, happiness and meaning, jury decision-making and sexual assault, interactions with mass media and technology, romantic relationships and sexual health, racial identity and intergroup relations, stereotyping and prejudice, stress and coping, and the development of racial and gender bias.

Graduate students who pursue an MA/PhD in Social and Personality Psychology are trained to be researchers who are prepared for positions in academia (e.g., a university professor) and/or in industry. In addition to courses, training in the area includes both research and applied practica in settings inside and outside of the University. We do not offer a terminal MA program. For more information, please see the Graduate Program tab.


For entry into Fall 2022, our application is available October 15—December 1.


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