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Graduate Students

Erik Allen (Steele; MA)

Research interests: Social cognition, stereotypes and prejudice, group biases, facial recognition, memory

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Mina Aryaie (White; MA)

Research interests: I am interested in the belief in supernatural phenomena in relation to other cultures and religious practices.

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Emily Bissada (Kawakami; MA)

Research interests: Social perception, person perception, intergroup bias, cross-cultural communication, and emotions.

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Picture of Jonathan Bridekirk

Jonathan Bridekirk (Hynie; PhD)

Research interests: Social and positive psychology; exploring how motivation can improve social and cognitive development; community-based research, engagement and outreach; refugee experiences and access to Canadian education and resource generation; inclusion in education; examining methods of human flourishing.

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Courtney Chan (Kawakami; PhD)

Research interests: Implicit bias (particularly in the context of racial prejudice), emotions, social categorization, and impression management.

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Patricia Colaco (Steele; MA)

Research interests: Social cognition, implicit bias, stereotypes, and social categorization

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Picture of Rebecca J. Dunk

Rebecca J. Dunk (Mar; PhD)

Research interests: The relationship between culture and storytelling, public perceptions of the justice system, self-reflection, and beliefs about wealth.

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Zoe Fargnoli Brown (Kawakami; MA)

Research interests: Social categorization processes, intergroup perceptions, implicit biases, stereotyping and prejudice.

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Picture of Chantelle Ivanski

Chantelle Ivanski (Mar; PhD)

Research interests: Feminist psychology; parents who experience regret around having children; women in media; romance novels; sex positivity.

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Katarina Kovacevic (Muise; PhD)

Research interests: Factors relating to optimal sexual functioning within relationships and its impact on relationship quality and individual wellbeing and satisfaction; integration of variant sexual preferences and practices within romantic relationships.

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Jingyuan (Sophie) Li (Struthers; PhD)

Research interests: Interpersonal transgression and victims’ post transgression responses, particularly, grudge holding; emotions; empathy and prosocial behaviours

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Graziela Farias Martelli (White; MA)

Research interests: Cultural research in general, in particular faith and beliefs and the ways they interact with culture

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Naomi Phung (Greenglass; MA)

Research interests: Racial discrimination and positive psychology.

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Picture of Stephanie Raposo

Stephanie Raposo (Muise; PhD)

Research interests: Sexual desire and satisfaction in relationships, self-expansion, sexual exchange, and long-term romantic relationships.

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Kayla Robinson (Steele; MA)

Research interests: Implicit/explicit biases, development and maintenance of biases in adolescence, social cognition, and early bias intervention.

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Picture of Deborah Sears

Deborah Sears (Flett; PhD)

Research interests: Mattering - the felt need that one matters to another or others; Anti-Mattering - the felt belief that another or others seek to make one feel that one doesn’t matter to another or others; Psychological concepts and psychometric constructs related to mattering and anti-mattering.

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Picture of Miranda Too

Miranda Too (Cheng; PhD)

Research interests: Economic stress, goals and motivation, self-control, consumer psychology, time perspective, organizational psychology, leadership, ethical and prosocial behaviour.

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Hannah Tran (Kawakami; MA)

Research interests: Social categorization, intergroup relations, prejudice, race and ethnicity, social norms 

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Picture of Eric Tu

Eric Tu (Muise; PhD)

Research interests: Initiation of romantic relationships, early relationships, maintenance of relationship and sexual satisfaction over time, and friendships.

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Akshita Uppot (Muise; MA)

Research interests: Romantic relationships, sexual well-being, implicit relationships and sexual beliefs, motivations

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Kaiwen (Kev) Zhou (Kawakami; PhD)

Research interests: Intergroup perception and indicative oculomotor movements; social neuroscience; automaticity and self-regulation.

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