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Glendon Current Students

Selection & Placements
Students are eligible to apply for residence if they:
1) are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program for the academic session (18 credits over F/W terms or 9 credits per term), AND
2) have no significant behavioral infractions reported while living in or visiting the York residences,  AND
3) have no outstanding debt in their student account from previous academic terms.
Assignment and Preferences
1) Returning residents are strongly encouraged to apply early and no later than February 28 to improve their chances of getting an offer and/or receiving their room/suite preferences. Housing Services reserves the right to rescind any offers if student applicant is found not eligible to live in the residence they applied for.

2) Spaces will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing Services will continue to accept applications until all spaces are filled.

3) Housing Services will make every effort to accommodate students' preferences, but we reserve the right to assign all residence space according to availability, suitability, fairness and need.
Offer Acceptance and Confirmation
Current residents that are not in good standing (with financial/behavioural block) will not receive a housing offer. Residence offers will be sent out via email starting in April for returning students where students will be given the following details:

1)The room and the residence building being offered
2)The instructions on how to accept their offers online including paying the room offer deposit

If you decline your residence offer then you may ask to be placed on a wait list or have your application cancelled.

If you do not respond to your residence offer by the deadline indicated, your offer will expire and your application will be cancelled. You may contact Housing and request to reactivate your application and be placed on a waiting list.

Information about moving in to Residence will be available on Residence Move-in Information page and will be updated as it gets closer to move-in day. A Move-in Package email will be sent to residents who accepted a space prior to arrival.

Upon move-in, students may not change their building or room assignment without permission from Housing & Conference Services through a transfer request. The Transfer Request Form goes online every October. If experiencing roommate conflicts or other challenges, residents must first contact their Don or Residence Life Coordinator. Transfer will not be granted unless they are mediated by Residence Life & Housing & Conference Services, and pending room availability. If you receive written approval to transfer to another residence/room, you will be charged a transfer fee and you will be responsible for covering any additional room upgrade costs, if applicable.
Waitlisted Applicants
Housing Services will endeavor to update students on wait list status from time to time. However, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up regarding this by emailing


Please visit the Current Students - Glendon website to apply.

No, we will continue to accept residence applications throughout the summer but you will only be offered if a space is available.

Yes, a $150 application fee  is due upon application and can be paid online by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Visa Debit. Please visit our rates page for the latest information.

You are eligible to apply for residence as long as:

  1. You are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program (18 credits over F/W terms or 9 credits per term), AND
  2. You have no significant behavioral infractions reported while living in or visiting the York residences, AND
  3. You have no outstanding debt on your student account from previous academic terms

Specific room offers will be sent out to students via email starting in April for returning students and will continue throughout the summer as long as there is space available. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will receive an offer.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to select up to two building preferences in the same Housing application.

Yes, you and your friends can apply and request each other as suitemates as long as all applicants meet the eligibility criteria and that you applied at the same time. Please note that if any of the students that applied to live together do not meet the eligibility criteria at the time of offer, then they cannot be placed in the same suite. Pond and Calumet suites typically receive more applications than spaces available so applying does not guarantee the requested space.

Yes, you can indicate a specific building/room preference on your application. The earlier you apply, the better your chances are of receiving your building/room preference, pending availability.

You can indicate single room as preference in the application although typically, upper-year students are offered a single room first. However, there is also an affordable alternative option for you if you know someone you would be happy to share a room with. You can request to share a double room with a friend as long as you are of the same gender and you request each other as roommates.

Yes, you are required to pay a $750 non-refundable residence room deposit online using a credit or visa debit card upon acceptance of your residence room offer. Your deposit is not an additional charge and will be credited back to your student account after you move in. Instructions on how to pay your deposit online will be included with your room offer.

Yes, you can apply for residence as long as you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

York Apartments Housing is reserved for Graduate and Law Students and students with families only. Undergraduate students are welcome to apply to continue living in Undergraduate Residence.

Yes, however the possibility of you getting another residence offer is not guaranteed.

No, all residences are smoke-free. Smoking is also strictly prohibited within 9 metres of the building entrance.

Rules and policies on cannabis smoking, possession and cultivation are available in Residence Community Standards.

Residents are encouraged to contact Residence Life on all smoking and cannabis concerns they may have. Issues will be addressed with responsible residents in accordance to policies set in the Residence Occupancy Agreement and Residence Life Handbook.