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CPM Compensation

York implemented a revised CPM Compensation Framework in 2019.  The Framework is a salary grid consisting of 6 or 8 steps (depending on job grade) which is reviewed annually with possible adjustments, and a lump sum Performance Based Recognition Award.  Employees will receive the grid adjustment and depending on performance, eligible permanent employees may move to the next step of the grid and may receive a lump sum Performance Based Recognition Award.

On May 1st of each year eligible employees will progress to the next step provided they meet a minimum threshold of performance established by their manager.

Also on May 1st of each year the salary grid will be reviewed and possibly adjusted with an across the board increase applied to all employee salaries.

At the conclusion of each performance year, eligible permanent employees will receive a lump sum Performance Based Recognition Award directly tied to their performance.  The Performance Based Recognition Award % targets vary based on the salary grade for the job.

Current employees can find more information here.

The University reserves the right to change this Framework at any time.