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Ben Gallagher

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Disaster & Emergency Management, Bachelor of Disaster and Emergency Management (BDEM) 2019

The field placement course I took while at York provided me with the practical knowledge and skills that I needed to both find employment in the emergency management field, but more importantly be successful within this field. Learning and understanding how an emergency management program operates first-hand is essential to making the transition from university into the workforce. I enjoyed applying what I had learned in the classroom into projects that had real-world implications, as opposed to just marks on my transcript. I enjoyed the opportunity to be a contributing member of a municipal emergency management program.

I worked on several projects including tasks related to the City's legislative requirements under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, and also worked with the Mississauga Office of Emergency Management for four months over the fall semester.

Shortly after completing the field placement course, I was hired full-time by the organization I had completed my placement with. Now, two years later, I am responsible for coordinating and supervising the students that do their placements with our emergency management program. My experience has come full-circle, and I am extremely grateful that I decided to do the field placement course during my time at York University. It was the best decision I ever made.

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