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Jason Dong

Jason Dong

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Jason Dong

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Principal Software Product Manager, HP Inc.
Information Technology, Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2006

Jason is a marketing, analytics, and product leader with agency and client-side experience working with some of the biggest brands in Canada, and around the world.

Throughout his career he's led teams at the intersection of analytics, product, and marketing. He has a proven record of success in all 3 areas individually and has helped many clients and partners transform to become more data-driven product, marketing and customer experience organizations.

He holds a Hons. BA in Information Technology from York University, and a Master of Electronic Commerce from Dalhousie University.

York's strength and mandate of creating a multidisciplinary learning environment has shaped how I have approached solving problems in my career: There is always more than one perspective and each perspective can contribute something valuable to the context. This perspective can manifest in different forms - cultural, geographic, or even functional role. My educational experience at York prepared me to integrate these perspectives into the day-today in all of the roles I've held as well as in my personal life.

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