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Kurt Webster

Kurt Webster

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Kurt Webster

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Director of Human Resources, Johnny's Selected Seeds
Graduate Program in Human Resource Management, Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) 2014

Kurt is a seasoned HR professional offering over 20 years of strategic HRM experience in field and HQ roles in both Canada and the United States, with strong background and experience supporting large, diverse workforces of 4000+ employees in multiple locations, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing/supply chain and agriculture.

Kurt's core competencies include talent acquisition and retention, organizational development and change management, employee engagement and relations, and corporate strategic planning. He is passionate about developing employees at all levels, coaching managers, and building a culture of excellence and collaboration. He has successfully implemented best practices and transformed HR departments into cost-efficient and valued partners in achieving business goals.

Through York and my MHRM program, I made personal and professional connections which have enriched both my life and my career. I enjoyed the program immensely - it provided education and experience I did not have - and the specificity of an MHRM as opposed to an MBA-HR - has been a very valuable add to my career.

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