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Terri Stapleton

Terri Stapleton

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Terri Stapleton

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Sociology, Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours 2008

Education is a life long journey and priceless. I went back to school when I was 50 years old and continued to work. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn more. During my final semester while working on my Honours Degree, I was given the opportunity to teach at George Brown College in the Social Service Worker Program. That teaching experience went on for 5 + years until management changed. Education is a privilege; it gave me a better understanding of myself and of society. I have had immeasurable opportunities to assist others work through life situations, not having all the answers, but the ability to guide them to resources. Personally, I have grown in my understanding of mental health, addictions, the criminal justice system and so many other aspects of daily living and society. I have learned the value of education, the importance of compassion and empathy towards others in our diverse world.

When it comes to advice, I'd say this: York University has a huge and well established support system for students. Reach out to the network of support at York so ensure your success. In order to complete my goal of attaining an education, I had to be super organized. I would start assignments when they were given out, keep up with the readings, be pro-active and involved in the classroom, attend all classes, make sure your professors know who you are - ask questions, introduce yourself... I was also a notetaker for Learning Disabled Students, which in turn helped me learn.

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