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The Research Team

I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to work with an amazing group of graduate (and undergraduate) students to conduct my research. For any prospective graduate students looking to join the team, please click here for more info on the School of Kinesiology and Health Science graduate program.

Student Funding

Prospective and current graduate students are expected to apply for external funding.  Viable scholarships and fellowships are available from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program.  For more information, click on the name of the program above. 

Current Graduate Students

Kathryn Johnston (Post Doctoral Fellow) - Psychology of talent selection

Alexandra Mosher (Post Doctoral Researcher) - Early sport engagement and athlete development

Shruti Patelia (PhD student) - Sport and development in older adults

Aaron Koenigsberg (PhD student) - Development of elite golfers

Jesse Korf (PhD student) - Eminence in cycling

Dale Lablans (PhD student) - Professional athlete development

Gillian Ramsay (PhD student) - Psychological predictors of athlete development

Alia Mazhar (PhD student) - Athlete health and wellbeing

Nina Cattle (MSc student) - Psychology of elite performance

Michelle Long (MSc student) - Psychology of elite athlete development

Lab Alumni

Jane Logan (MSc)

Brad Meisner (MSc and PhD)

Shilpa Dogra (PhD)

Stephen Cobley (PhD)

Jeff Cubos (MSc)

Harmonie Wong (MSc)

Jared Puterman (MSc)

Alisa Abgarov (MSc)

Sarah Jeffrey-Tosoni (PhD)

Nick Wattie (MSc and Post-doctoral fellow)

Sean Horton (Post doctoral fellow)

Dan Koz (MSc)

Melissa Hopwood (PhD)

Nima Dehghansai (MSc)

Shruti Patelia (MSc)

Jason Israelski (MSc)

Karim Khalil (MSc)

Kathryn Johnston (MSc)

Myles Gibbon (MSc)

Amy Gayman (Post doctoral fellow)

Kaitlyn LaForge-MacKenzie (Post doctoral Fellow)

Srdjan Lemez (PhD)

Marlen Schapschröer (PhD)

Alina Cohen (PhD and Post doctoral fellow)

Rona El-Bakri (MSc)

Rachael Stone (PhD)

Veronica Allen (Post doctoral fellow)

Dale Lablans (MSc)

Lindsay McCardle (Post doctoral fellow)

Stuart Wilson (MSc)

Aaron Koenigsberg (MSc)

Alia Mazhar (MSc)

Rachel Doerrie (MSc)

Nima Dehghansai (PhD)

Lou Farah (PhD)

Kathryn Johnston (PhD)

Sandy Mosher (PhD)