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VPL, Vectors and Java

VPL, Vectors and Java

This is an example exercise in VPL. Grade is out of 1. All the students have to do is uncomment the creation of the MathVector object.

The VPL "run" tab should output the results of the two tests run by JUnit.

Want to reproduce this example?

  • (the template for the student to work on)
  • solution.txt (what the student's solution _could_ look like)
  • (the class with all the methods that the student should explore)
  • (the JUnit testing file. Student can use this on their own computer if they wish)
  • (internal to VPL for setting up the test. Student doesn't need this.)
  • (internal to VPL for setting up the test. Student doesn't need this.)
  • (internal to VPL for setting up the test. Student doesn't need this.)
To complete this activity, the student simply needs to uncomment one of these two object creation sections.

If you're setting up this activity on your own VPL machine, don't forget to add the name of the local VPL server to your activity so that it runs in your own department. Also, you likely will need to modify the scripts (.sh) to point to your installation of Java.

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