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Welcome to Dr. Iain Moyles' website

Iain Moyles

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematical Modelling | Industrial Mathematics | Model Reduction | Scientific Computing

About Me


PhD Applied Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 2015 
MSc Applied Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 2011 
BSc Physics, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, 2009


Assistant Professor, York University, 2019-Present 
Postdoctoral Research, Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry, University of Limerick, 2015-2018

News and Announcements


There may be limited funding for graduate students in modelling, analysis, and computation. If you align with my research, please contact me.


Iffah Pasha has received an Undergraduate Student Research Award for summer 2022 funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Congratulations Iffah!
Laura Keane has received a travel scholarship to attend the 241st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society
Laura Keane has won the 2021 Faculty of Science Richard Jarrell Exellence in Teaching at the Graduate Level Award. Congrats Laura!

Recent Publications 

  1. Yuan, P., Aruffo, E., Gatov, E., Tan, Y., Collier, S., Ogden, N., Nasri, B., Moyles, I .R., Li, Q., and Zhu, H. (2022).
    School and community reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mathematical modeling study.
    Royal Society Open Science, 9:211883.
  2. Farhang-Sardroodi, S., Korosec, C. S., Gholami, S., Craig, M., Moyles, I. R., Ghaemi, M. S., Ooi, H. K, and Heffernan, J. M. (2021). 
    Analysis of Host Immunological Response of Adenovirus-Based COVID-19 Vaccines 
    Vaccines, 9(8), 861.
  3. Moyles, I. R., Heffernan, J. M., and Kong, J. D. (2021).
    Cost and social distancing dynamics in a mathematical model of COVID-19 with application to Ontario, Canada. 
    Royal Society Open Science, 8:201770.
  4. Keane, L. M., Hall, C. L., and Moyles, I. R. (2021). 
    An improved approximation for hydraulic conductivity for pipes of triangular cross-section by asymptotic means. 
    Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 126(1), 1-26.
  5. Moyles, I. R., Donohue, J. G., and Fowler, A. C. (2021). 
    Quasi-steady uptake and bacterial community assembly in a mathematical model of soil-phosphorus mobility. 
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, 509(21):110530.