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About Us


The One WATER Insitute strives to understand and develop solutions to the ongoing water sustainability crises, attract and train future leaders in the field, educate the public on water issues in Canada and around the world, and build industrial partnerships to identify key problems and solutions for safe access to clean water. ​

Engages in Interdisciplinary World-class Research

One WATER ORU at York University engages in interdisciplinary world-class research on sourcing, Artificial Intelligence, Technologies, Education & Sustainability, Resource Recovery & Reuse as well as their environmental, educational, and societal implications. One WATER enhances York’s capacity to address the diverse aspects of the ongoing water sustainability crises, attract and train future leaders in the field, educate the public, innovate with industrial partners, and attract external competitive funding and endowments.

Collaborative Research

The One WATER’s research, HQP training, and collaboration activities will transcend conventional faculty boundaries and bring together researchers from the LSE, FoS, LAPS, DIGHR and the FEUC to create highly interdisciplinary research and learning community based at York University. This interdisciplinary approach will facilitate the formation of strong and lasting relationships with external stakeholders, government agencies, NGOs, industries, and the public.

Research Projects

The individual researchers from LSE, FoS, FEUC, DIGHR and LAPS have more than 80 projects aligned with One WATER themes. The total grant amount of the research projects of individual members from different participating faculty amounts to approx. $ 29,460,915 in the research area of Water Management, Artificial Intelligence, Technologies, Education & Sustainability, Resource recovery & reuse.

Our Goal

The Canadian water sector demands a well-rounded and highly trained workforce with capabilities in physical sciences, engineering, and data science. In the next 5 years, the One Water ORU will:


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<p><strong>Deliverables: </strong>The deliverables will be met by a systematic approach under 5 focus areas, viz., Water management, Artificial intelligence, Technologies, Education and sustainability, Resource recovery & reuse (WATER) to enhance education, sustainability, and research & development as detailed below:</p>
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<p><strong>(1) </strong>Develop courses on advanced water research, and water policy and practice for graduates and undergraduates at York University; </p>
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<p><strong>(2)</strong> Develop Certification or diploma programs focused on water research, policy, and governance jobs to train HQPs for the industry and government-specific jobs in water analysis and testing; </p>
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<p><strong>(3)</strong> Conduct outreach activities to educate and empower youth and local communities on sustainability and water research in the GTA region; and </p>
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<p><strong>(4) </strong>Enable integration of ORU interdisciplinary research at YU to develop a database for effective and innovative collaborative solutions. </p>
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Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

(1) Case studies with a focus on community-based water-related issues to develop sustainable solution for water use, water resource management and water quality analysis in the GTA;

(2) Publicly accessible database development for managing water-related health risks;

(3) Working on water challenges of Indigenous communities for rapid solutions for various drinking water-related issues and;

(4) Development of strategies for rapid response to the pandemic and other water-related issues to influence water government policies. 


At The One WATER Insitute, we believe in transparency and collaboration within our community. As part of our commitment to openness, we provide access to our governance documents for those who are interested. If you would like to explore the guidelines and principles that govern our organization, please feel free to access these documents. Furthermore, if you are interested in becoming a member of the insitute, we encourage you to review the relevant governance document, which outlines the steps and requirements for membership. We value the active participation of dedicated professionals like you and look forward to welcoming you into our community.