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About Envision YU

Welcome to Envision YU, an open educational resource to support higher-ed students' development of important skills including teamwork, self-regulation, reflection, and transfer of knowledge.  

These learning resources are designed to be practical and easy to implement in a classroom setting. Instructors may download and use all resources as-is or tailor them to their course or program. 


Envision YU was generously supported by the Academic Innovation Fund through the Office of the Associate Vice President of Teaching and Learning, York University. 

Contributors & Acknowledgements

Envision YU continues to develop through the invaluable feedback from our Faculty Key Informant Group, Steering Committee and Core Project Team. 

Project Core Team:

  • Lynda van Dreumel, Assistant Professor1
  • Carolyn Steele, Assistant Professor2
  • Jennifer Barolet, Project Manager
  • Yasaman Delaviz, Educational/Curriculum Development Specialist1
  • Azeezah Jafry, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Jessica Oliveira Da Silva, Research Assistant
  • Chelsee Maravilla, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Michael Olivieri, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Faculty Key Informants:

  • Andrew Skelton, Associate Professor3
  • Alice Pitt, Professor4
  • Bridget Cauthery, Assistant Professor5
  • Gail Fraser, Professor6
  • Jeffrey Harris, Associate Professor7
  • Jill Lazenby, Associate Professor3
  • Ola Mohmmed2
  • Sabine Dreher, Course Director8

Steering Committee:

  • Marlene Bernholtz, Assistant Professor2
  • Kathleen Fortune, Assistant Professor1
  • Karin Page-Cutrara, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Learning, Teaching & Academic Programs1
  • Nicolette S. Richardson, Associate Professor1
  • Lisa Endersby, Educational Developer9
  • Jeanne Decoteau, Career Counsellor10
  • Tamara Kelly, Professor and Pedagogical Innovation Chair in Science Education3
  • Alice Pitt, Professor4
  • Angela Lecompte, Manager11

Student Advisory Committee:

  • Mariam Ahmed1
  • Olivia Alsop7
  • Mark Castillo7
  • Margo Drivet8
  • Melik Nasar8
  • Fatima Syeda7
  • Kate Ellis1
  • Omar Hassan
  • Philip Stupar2
  • Anuneet Kaur2
  • Daniel Lee2
  • Tiffany O'Sullivan2
  • Jaehoon Sung7
  • Aliyah Looknauth2
  • Mohammed Abbas Jega7
  • Micah Valdez2
2021 – 2022

Martyna Siekanowicz, PATHS Project Manager

2020 – 2022
  • Travis Milne, EYU Project Coordinator
  • David Ip Yam, Director12
  • Cathy Boyd-Winters, Learning Skills Specialist13
  • Sophie Bury, Director14
  • Kathleen Winningham, Director15

1Faculty of Health
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS)
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Education
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD)
6Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change
7Lassonde School of Engineering
8Glendon College

9 Teaching Commons
10Career Education & Development
Student Accessibility Services
12Career Centre
13Student Community & Leadership Development
14Learning Commons
15Experience Hub

Licensing of this Resource

Unless otherwise noted, all resources in this guide are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. In building this resource, we linked to or adapted creative commons resources from other sites, as well as creating our own content.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Envision YU, or if you have questions about Envision YU or want feedback, feel free to fill out our form.