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Government Administration Effectiveness

Why choose ABMP for Asian government effectiveness training? Quite simply, our experience and expertise.


  • Biggest and oldest SAFEA* academic training provider in Canada
  • Third largest academic provider in the world of SAFEA programs (2018)
  • Average score of our programs on the SAFEA website: 98.5/100
  • Successfully delivery of over 200 short-term and long-term training programs
  • Over 3,300 Chinese government trainees at the national and provincial level from 15 Chinese provinces 

*SAFEA is the administrative body of the Chinese Government responsible for the international exchange of experts.


  • Faculty includes renowned academics, educators and distinguished (current and former) civil servants
  • Participants are exposed to the latest research in their field and taught how to apply it to real world situations
  • Experiential learning for effectiveness: mix of lectures, in-class exercises, break-out sessions and visits to local organizations

  • Online in the virtual classroom
  • In-person
  • Leaders, Managers and Officials of Government Organizations from Asian countries

Long-term (3–4 months) or short-term (several days to several weeks) training programs in Canada, in the home country or virtually.

If in Canada:

  • Lectures are supplemented with visits to governmental organizations, educational institutions and companies
  • All-inclusive, including accommodation, intra-city travel and cultural activities, if required

Subject Areas:

  • Public Management 
  • Health Care Management 
  • Education 
  • Mining and Metals 
  • Agribusiness 
  • Law and Regulations 
  • Environment 
  • Science & Technology 

A representative example of our training programs: 

  • Multi-modal Transportation Integration and Development
  • Coalbed Methane Exploration and Technologies
  • Grain Circulation Management System & Policy Changes
  • Pension Management and Pension Services
  • Geological Environment and Geological Hazard Assessment Technology
  • Work Safety Regulations and Technical Support
  • Animal Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control

A representative example of our site visits:

  • UNESCO, Institute for Statistics
  • Canadian Grain Commission
  • City of Toronto
  • Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • The Preservation Centre, Gatineau, Quebec
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • Chengdu Health Commission
  • Guangzhou Municipal Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau
  • Hubei Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China
  • Shandong Provincial Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • Shandong Provincial Tax Bureau
  • Shanghai Municipal Archives
  • Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office
  • Sichuan Ministry of Education
  • State Administration of Grain, Policy and Regulation Department
  • State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
  • Tianjing Higher People's Court
  • Zhejiang Health and Family Planning

Education Sector Development

Our education sector programs teach participants how to manage and lead in their education organizations, build teacher capacity and effectiveness, and create positive change to increase students’ achievements.

Programs are taught using a wide range of research-based, high-yield instructional strategies including: collaborative learning, direct and indirect instruction, experiential learning, role-playing. and guided reflection. "Learning by doing" in this way means that trainees will get first-hand experience in practicing different instructional strategies taught during the course, better understand how the concepts can be applied in other circumstances, and leave with ready-to-use projects and lesson plans.

  • Online in the virtual classroom
  • In-person
  • CEOs of Educational Institutions 
  • Academic Administrators 
  • Faculty Members 
  • Members of Non-profit Educational Organizations and Foundations
  • School Principals and Administrators  
  • K-12 Teachers

Long-term (3–4 months) or short-term (several days to several weeks) training programs in Canada, in the home country or virtually.

If in Canada:

  • Lectures are supplemented with visits to educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities
  • All-inclusive, including accommodation, intra-city travel and cultural activities, if required
  • Educational Leadership
  • Techno-teaching
  • Special Education
  • Changing Mindset
  • STEM and 21st Century Competencies
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Arts Alive!
  • Outdoor Green Classroom
  • Beijing Chaoyang College 
  • Beijing Institute of Education
  • Beijing Institute of Technology
  • East Normal University - International High School
  • Hunan Normal University 
  • Ningbo Foreign Language School
  • Ningxia Normal University 
  • Shanghai University
  • Suqian College

Student Career Experience

We offer two types of virtual classroom international experience programs that allow students to broaden their horizons, enrich their lives, and fully embrace their best future by:

  • Opening doors in their academic or business careers by demonstrating to potential employers or admission committees that they are serious about developing their skill set.
  • Preparing them for success in the modern global economy by exposing them to North American business and professional knowledge, practices, norms and expectations.
  • Helping them narrow down and determine the right choice of career focus by allowing them to sample realistic job activities before committing time and money to studying abroad in the field.

Here is how student participants can showcase their ABMP experience on their résumé, CV, or LinkedIn profile for maximum effectiveness.

1. Professional Experience Program

Participants work on a realistic project, guided by a mentor from a Fortune 500 organization, and leave the program with a certificate signed by both the University and the hosting corporation. Students experience a business environment first-hand, gain an overview of the program topic sector, and develop insight into the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to be successful in the industry and its functional areas. They will also build a network of connections and contacts for the future.

  • Online in the virtual classroom

Geared toward university undergraduates or high school students who would like to:

  • Make more informed decisions about future education options and career paths based on a deeper understanding of their interests.
  • Enhance their university applications to include professional experience in the chosen subject area
  • Strengthen or enhance the content of their résumé or CV for a competitive advantage when they apply for internships, jobs or graduate study programs.


  • 24 hours total (12 x 2-hour sessions)

Session Composition

  • 1 hour education/mentor guidance
  • 1 hour project facilitation with a project assistant/project coach


  • 6 weeks (2 sessions/week)

Education : Project Ratio

  • 3 sessions focusing on critical soft skills : 9 sessions on a realistic project

Business Analysis

  • Innovative Business Pivots in the Post-pandemic Future
  • International Market Entry Strategies
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap

Data Analysis

  • Future of Mobility 
  • Digital Transformation—The road to Future-Ready Organizations

Financial Analysis

  • The Future of Retail Banking: Engaging with Millennial Customers
  • Digital Integration in Banking
  • FinTech and Rise of Digital Assets


  • Making The Pitch
  • Brand Stickiness and Loyalty Program
  • Creating a Customer Centric eBusiness Model

"I am a student with a statistics background. I have not considered a banking-related industry before. But at the end of this course, I would love to try to be a data analysis specialist in a bank."
— Jiachen Pan

"In this program, I obtained very useful knowledge about the banking system and wealth management, which was very helpful for my analytical skills and very relevant to my future studies and career."
— Rihan Hai

"I am very grateful that the school can provide such a learning opportunity and let me get in touch with excellent teachers and classmates." 
— Jialuping Zhu

"In my future career, I can think more about this career path."
— Ju Chen

"I particularly enjoy the teaching style of the course. It got me involved and improved my practical skills."
— Yuchun Chen

2. Global Perspectives Program

Our Global Perspectives Program is an excellent complement to university curriculum. Participants study cutting-edge academic knowledge, techniques and methods with professors and experienced industry practitioners in the field, using active-learning tasks that allow them to quickly build a bridge from theory to practice and gain experience applying the course material in context. Students will be able to offer prospective employers unique perspectives, capabilities, competencies and insights.

  • Online in the virtual classroom
  • University undergraduate students who are looking to gain an advantage in their employment prospects or postgraduate studies by distinguishing themselves with international perspectives in their field of interest, or an adjacent one.


  • 24 to 30 hours (in 2-hour sessions) 
  • 6 hours of English coaching


  • 4–6 weeks (2 or 3 sessions/week)

Additional Components

  • Some programs feature virtual field trips and expert guest speakers.
  • Some programs culminate in a formal presentation on an assigned realistic project or a topic of your interest in the field.

Sector Specific Focus

  • Food Safety Management
  • Visual Analytics and Modelling
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Exploring Mental Health Practices
  • Scientific Literacy 

Engineering Tech-venture Skills

  • Business Essentials for Technology Entrepreneurs I
  • Business Essentials for Technology Entrepreneurs II
  • Legal Values: Commercializing Intellectual Property