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Important Information for Applicants

When submitting your application
Please take note of the following:

Funding | Visiting Scholars, Visiting Graduate Associates and Postdoctoral Associates must be
self‐funded. YCAR does not have funding available.

Office space, computers, email addresses, library cards | YCAR is unable to provide office
space to all Research Associates, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Graduate Associates and
Postdoctoral Associates. Applicants should clearly specify their office space needs at the time of
application. Associates normally must provide their own computers. YCAR is unable to provide
email addresses to Associates as per University policy. YCAR is normally able to assist with
securing a York University library card.

Personal and immigration matters | YCAR takes no responsibility for the financial and other
personal arrangements of its Research Associates, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Research
Associates or Postdoctoral Associates. It is unable to provide individual guidance or assistance
to Associates seeking housing. In the case of international scholars, those who are not Canadian
citizens must obtain a visa to enter Canada and must prove that they have adequate funds to
support themselves and any dependents who will be traveling with them for the duration of
their visit. YCAR is unable to provide individual guidance or assistance with immigration‐related

Application Materials Required
In addition to the completed application form, the Membership Committee, which
reviews all of the applications, requires the following to fairly assess your application:

For All Applicants

  • Research and Programme of Study Statement (500 word maximum)
    This statement should be clear, detailed and include information about your research as well as
    the programme of study you would conduct while at York University. To strengthen your
    application, be sure to include why you want to be at York University and at YCAR specifically
    and how your research applies to work being conducted here.
  • Curriculum Vitae: This document can be included in the application form or sent as a separate document to

For Visiting Scholar, Visiting Graduate Associate and Post-doctoral Applicants

  • Financial Support
    All applicants who are accepted by YCAR are expected to be self‐funded. YCAR is unable to provide financial support. Please include a statement in your application detailing how you would intend to fund your stay if your application was approved. Attach a copy (in English, preferably) of the letter of financial support regarding your funding.
  • Dates
    Please provide your preferred start and end dates, keeping in mind that one year is the maximum. All requests are subject to availability of space.
  • York University Faculty Consultant
    All applicants are asked to locate a York University faculty who agrees to consult with them during their proposed time at YCAR. This should be completed before submitting your application. The faculty member is asked to send an email stating his or her agreement to consult with the applicant to
  • Support from YCAR
    Please include a paragraph in your application documentation about the support you would anticipate requiring during your time at YCAR (office space, access to the library etc.). All requests are subject to availability.
  • Reference Letter
    For Visiting Graduate Associate applicants, a reference letter in support of your research is required from your research supervisor. For Postdoctoral Associate applicants, a reference letter in support of your application is required from your PhD dissertation supervisor. These letters are in addition to the above mentioned York University faculty consultant, which the applicant must also locate. The applicant should arrange for these letters to be emailed to the attention of the YCAR Membership Committee at

Queries can be directed to