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Critical Malaya Studies Group

Critical Malaya Studies

Critical Malaya Studies is a collaborative platform for scholars working on topics surrounding Malaysia and Singapore from a critical postcolonial perspective, including, but not limited to, critical feminist, queer, Marxist, abolitionist, ecological and crip perspectives.

The Critical Malaya Studies Group is committed to:

  1. Examining and imagining the possibilities of emancipatory “decolonization” in Malaysia-Singapore.
  2. Producing alternative knowledges that decentres dominant, Western and Eurocentric perspectives on/from/in Malaysia-Singapore. 
  3. Forms a safe intellectual space for critical and interdisciplinary conversations about topics on Malaysia-Singapore. 

If you are interested in joining the group (or to be on the mailing list), please contact Zhi Ming Sim at decolmalaya[at]

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @criticalmalaya for more updates.

Photo credit: Via Unsplash by Zhu Hongzhi and Elliot Andrews