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Towards a History of the Publishing House Ganga Pustak Mala

Principal Investigator: Shobna Nijhawan (Languages, Literatures & Linguistics)
Funding: York University SSHRC Small Grant

While scholars of Hindi readily recognize Ganga Pustak Mala as an influential and even the largest Lucknow publishing and distribution house that was active in the twentieth century, no study to date has shed light on the depth and breadth of its organizational structure, its publications (books and periodicals), the impact of its publishing ventures for the Hindi literary sphere and the enterprising networks created by Dularelal Bhargava. My research is an in-depth study thereof.

This project emerges out of a previous SSHRC and LA&PS Minor Research Grant application entitled "Towards a History of Ganga Pustak Mala." While I have successfully completed both projects, the results of which are incorporated in my book manuscript, I now intend to write a more comprehensive history of Ganga Pustak Mala that thoroughly investigates its very beginnings in the year 1918/1919 and its literary production in the first decades of its existence.