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Asia Research Briefs

Asia Research Briefs provide short summaries of research by YCAR Associates and YCAR-supported projects. Their purpose is to share insights from academic research that may not otherwise be widely circulated. They are directed, in particular, to journalists, policy analysts, community leaders and interested members of the public.

Technology and its role in building social connections among older adults: A community-academic research partnership
Lois Kamenitz

Locating the Indian Woman and LGBTQIA+ Online: Digital Activism in #Section377 and #MeTooIndia
Nanditha Narayanamoorthy

Multiple Minority Modalities: Dialogical Identities of Bengali-Speaking Buddhists in India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar
D. Mitra Barua

Money pool (Hụi/Họ) in the Mekong Delta: An Old Way of Doing Finance in Rural Vietnam
Nga Dao

Securitized Forced Migrants: Navigating the Journeys of Tamil Maritime Forced Migrants
Harini Sivalingam

A Sonic Mapping of Arab Canada
Jillian Fulton-Melanson

“Playing Out of Bounds”: Identity and community-building on and off the court (North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament)
Yuka Nakamura

Diaspora Geopolitics (Tamils in Canada)
Jennifer Hyndman, Amarnath Amarasingam, Gayathri Naganathan

On the Margins of Urban South Korea: Core Location as Method and Praxis
Laam Hae

Gendered World of Issei Women and Men in Japanese Hawai‘i, 1880s–1910s
Yukari Takai

Can Facebook Usher in Political Inclusion for Afghan Women?
Zahra Nader

New Directions in Environmental Governance in Southeast Asia
Peter Vandergeest

The (Un)Making of the Working Class in Karachi (Pakistan), 1980s–2010s
Ayyaz Mallick

Understanding Trends in Authoritarian Populism by Examining the Crackdown on the Cambodian Free Press
Laura Schoenberger, Vanessa Lamb, Alice Beban

Digitizing Ration Cards: Curbing Corruption or Securing Food Security for All? (India)
Guillaume Dandurand

The 2017 Housing Occupation in the Philippines: A Counter-Project for Livable Homes and an Alternative Lifeworld [English]
Ang 2017 Okupang Pabahay sa Pilipinas: Isang Kontra-Proyekto para sa Maayos na Pabahay at Alternatibong Mundo [Tagalog]
Hazel M. Dizon

International Higher Education and Social Stratification: Education Migration Narratives of Chinese International Students in Toronto
Guanglong Pang

The Social Life of Flooding in Jakarta
Abidin Kusno

Planning for the Management of Indian Wetland Regions
Sanil Kumar

Understanding Knowledge Culture of Late Imperial China
Lianbin Dai

Languages of Wisdom: Multi-lingual Poetry in the Guru Granth Sahib
Amardeep Kaur

International Education: An Untapped Archive of Canadian Nation Formation
Soma Chatterjee

Desire, Happiness and the Global Economy: Transnational Marriage Abandonment in India
Harshita Yalamarty

An Affective Museum, or an Erasure of Authenticity? The Paradoxical Impacts of Unit 731 Crime Evidence Museum
Jing Xu

Social Life and Shifting Meaning of Collected Objects: Japanese Ceramics of Sir William Cornelius Van Horne (1843–1915)
Akiko Takesue

The Socio-ecological Implications of US Food Aid in the South Korean "Miracle"
Kyle Gibson

How Canada Contributed to China’s Remarkable Transformation Through University Partnerships and Knowledge Diplomacy
Ruth Hayhoe, Julia Pan and Qiang Zha

Invisible Newcomers: Experiences of Unaccompanied Children in Canada
Ishrat Zakia Sultana

Contemporary Tamil Poems from Sri Lanka: Regional Sensibility and Mainstream Trauma Theory
Geetha Sukumaran

Retiring Immigrants: Korean Seniors’ Lives After Migration to Canada
Ann H. Kim

China’s Bold Economic Statecraft
Gregory Chin

Revolutionizing Chinese Psychology in the Maoist Era
Zhipeng Gao

Reading Hindu Religion in South Asian Comics and Graphic Novels
Sailaja Krishnamurti

Multiple Experiences of Filipino Young Adults: Identity, Community and Social Justice 
Jessica Ticar

Global Asia’s Human Rights Challenges: The Prisms of the Arts
Lily Cho, Theodore W. Goossen, Susan J. Henders, Anindo Hazra

Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program
Philip F. Kelly

Fishing for Political Control: Tangled Lines of Fishing Activity and Korean Maritime Boundary Disputes
Andrew M. Song

Oil Palm Plantations, Migration and Indian Youth Culture in Contemporary Malaysia
Kabita Chakraborty

Retelling the Philippines’ ‘turnaround story’
Kenneth Cardenas

Violence, Memory and Transnational Youth Formation in Sikh and Ahmadiyya Communities
Michael Nijhawan

Confucius Institutes Worldwide Attempt to Boost Research and Involvement
Qiang Zha

 Understanding Intergenerational Social Mobility: Filipino Youth in Canada
Philip F. Kelly

Filipino Youth Success in Vancouver
Julia Mais

Analyzing Farmer Suicides in India
Raju Das and Mohana Kumar S.

Chinese Women's History: Local or Global?
Joan Judge

The Ageing Tiger: Retirement Challenges in South Korea
Thomas Klassen

Development Aid and the Rise of New Donors
Gregory Chin and Fahimul Quadir

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