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Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies (JCAPS) Archive

The Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies (JCAPS) was active as a joint centre between the University of Toronto and York University until 2002. In 2002, the Centre moved to York University and became the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR).

All of the publications below were published by the University of Toronto-York University Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies.


Acharya, Amitav (1995). Governance and Security in Southeast Asia: Assessing the Impact of Defence Spending.

Angus, William H. and Johannes Chan (1994). Canada-Hong Kong: Human Rights and Privacy Law Issues.

  • “Introduction: The Canadian Perspective” by William H. Angus
  • “Introduction: The Hong Kong Perspective” by Johannes Chan
  • “Bills of Rights: Canada Leads, Hong Kong Follows?” by Richard Cullen
  • “Interpreting the Hong Kong Bill of Rights” by Nihal Jayawickrama
  • “The Right Information in Hong Kong” by Eva Lau

Brook, Timothy (1996). Auto-Organization Within Chinese Society: A Historical View.

Burton, Charles (ed.) (1992). Politics and Society in Hong Kong towards 1997.

  • “Under China's Shadow” by Ming K. Chan
  • “Education in Hong Kong Up to 1997 and Beyond” by Bernard H.K. Luk
  • “Crises and Transformation” by Thomas I.S. Leung
  • “Uncertain Refuge: Freedom and Press Under the Hong Kong Bill of Rights” by Perry Keller

Chen, Peter. Selected Articles on Canadian and Asia Pacific Economic and International Business Development, with Advice and Suggestions to the Government.

Donnelly, Michael, Iain Arthy, Iain and Diane Oki (eds.) (1988). Canada-Japan: A Selected Bibliography.

Falkenheim, Victor C. (1994). China's Regional Development: Trends and Implications.

Forde, Adam and Hy Van Luong with contribution from Raymond Gauthier (1996). Regional Development in Vietnam: Local Dynamics, Market Forces and State Policies.

Frolic, B. Michael (1996). The Emergence of Civil Society in China.

Frolic, Michael B. (1994).  China's Second Wave of Development: The Yangtze River Regions.

Gervers, Michael and Wayne Schlepp (eds.) (2000). Religion, Customary Law, and Nomadic Technology.

  • “The Creation of Cloth Weaving Traditions among the Nomadic Pastoralists of Rupshu (Eastern Ladakh)” by Monisha Ahmed
  • “Uighurs and Technologies of Literacy” by Michael C. Brose
  • “Material Culture of the Nomadic Uighurs of the Eighth-Ninth Centuries in Central Asia” by Ablet Kamalov
  • “The Uses of Blood in Traditional Inner Asian Studies” by Ruth I. Meserve
  • “The Nomads' Armament: Home Made Weaponry” by John Mason Smith Jr.
  • “Zamzam Water on A White Felt Carpet: Adapting Mongol Ways In Muslim Central Asia, 1500-1650” by R.D. McChesney
  • “Christianity and the Nomads of the Black Sea and Caspian Steppes” by Joseph Dzafarov
  • “The Buryat Geser Epic and Its Relationship with Buryat Shamanism” by Sarangerel
  • “The Cult of Heaven (Tengris) in the Buryat-Mongolian Epic” by B.S. Dugarov .
  • “Buddhism and Revolution in Mongolia” by Irina Morozova

Helleiner, Eric (1994). Regionalization in the International Political Economy: A Comparative Perspective.

Hershkovitz, Linda (1995). Regional Change in China: The Urban Dimension.

Hershkovitz, Linda (1994). China's 80 Million: Dimensions of Poverty.

Johnson, Graham E. (1985). 1997 and After: Will Hong Kong Survive?. 

Luk, Bernard H.K. (1994). The Implications for Canada of Hong Kong's Future.

Mitchell, Peter, Margo Gewurtz and Alvyn Austin , Margo; Austin, Alvyn (1988). Guide to Archival Resources on Canadian Missionaries in East Asia: 1890-1960.

Oksenberg, Michel (1984). Sino-American Relations in Search of a Road Map.

Pringsheim, Klaus (1983). The Car Wars Between Canada and Japan.

Ramesh, M. (1996). Social Security in ASEAN: Trends and Directions.

Stubbs, Richard (1995).  Legitimacy and Economic Growth in Eastern Asia.

Xoomsai, Tawanchai N. (1987)Bangkok, Thailand: The Quality of Life and Environment in a Primate City.