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David Wurfel Award for Philippine Studies

The David Wurfel Award for Philippine Studies provides financial support to an honours undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated the need to conduct research related to a thesis or course paper or project on the topic of Filipino history, culture or society. Preference will be given to undergraduate or masters student applicants. The award is open to students enrolled at York University in social sciences or humanities programs (including the Faculties of Law, Education, AMPD, and Environmental and Urban Change); who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons; have a grade point average of at least 6.0; and demonstrate financial need. Applicants must also have demonstrated promise of leadership with respect to the Filipino community in Canada.

The value of the award is $1,500.

Applicants must submit a statement to the selection committee of no more than 3,000 words and a short letter of endorsement from the applicant's thesis supervisor or other qualified faculty person. The statement should include the following: (1) a research proposal, including a research plan with dates of travel, a budget outlining costs to be covered by the award, and a justification of budget items. (2) An essay addressing the selection criteria: (a) good writing ability; (b) knowledge of Philippine history, culture or society; (c) demonstrated commitment to engagement with Filipino languages and cultures; and (d) engagement with and a realistic concern for the solution of current social problems in the Philippines or among the Filipino diaspora. The essay can be incorporated into the research proposal as background, but can also be separate.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 03 February 2025 before 16:00 EST, with the successful applicant being notified within one month. Half of the funds will be awarded upon notification of the award, and the other half upon submission of a three-page report outlining the research results and use of funds after the research is complete.

Each applicant should have one referee submit a Recommendation Form on the student’s behalf.

Application Form:
Recommendation Form for Referee:

York University Award Code: 3118

For more information, email ycar[at]

Poster for David Wurfel Philippine Studies Award 03 Feb 2025