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Workshop Fund

Research, collaboration and publication by YCAR researchers is sometimes best served through small, focused workshops that bring together scholars working on connected research questions.  Such workshops may also serve as a way of exchanging ideas with non-academic researchers, analysts, activists or policymakers.

YCAR invites applications from YCAR Faculty or Graduate Associates who wish to organize a research workshop. Such workshops will usually involve six to 12 researchers presenting an original piece of work written specifically for the workshop. The expectation is that workshops will generate a published output, usually in the form of an edited book or a journal special issue.

Support from the fund is intended to: a) contribute to an application to the SSHRC Connection Grant program for a larger workshop, or b) supplement funds from an existing external research grant, or c) support a smaller workshop that does not warrant an external application.

Priority will be given to workshop proposals that:

  1. Have clear goals, with an innovative research agenda relating to Asia or an Asian Diaspora
  2. Have a plan for published outputs (e.g. edited book, journal special issue)
  3. Incorporate several York scholars alongside a range of scholars from elsewhere (preferably including both junior and senior researchers)
  4. Plan to integrate graduate students in presenting research and workshop organization
  5. Have a plan for mobilizing research findings among non-academic communities

YCAR will award $500 to $3,000 to support such workshops. Eligible expenses can include: travel, accommodation, catering, printing and audiovisual services. Funds will be available for up to one year after the awarding of YCAR or SSHRC funds (whichever is later).

YCAR can also provide in-kind support through assistance with: proposal development (for example to the SSHRC Connection Grant program), financial administration, accommodation and campus room bookings, and graduate assistance.

We do welcome applications throughout the year but limited funding is available for mid-year applications. Interested applicants should apply at:

For more information: