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York University is preparing our students to navigate the constantly evolving complexities of the professional world. We are empowering future leaders, innovators and changemakers with the contemporary skills, expert knowledge and tangible experience they need to compete in the job market of today and tomorrow, and to pursue, excel and create positive change in their chosen career paths.

York is helping students stand out as they join our growing alumni network of more than 370,000 graduates working and making an impact in countries around the world. Every year, more than 6,000 top employers visit our campuses to recruit talented York students, with 90 per cent of employers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) satisfied with our graduates who join their teams as employees.

Experiential education is integral to the York experience and our students’ long-term career success. From guest speakers, case studies and simulations as part of their coursework to hands-on work experience through placements, internships and co-op opportunities, and even resources for developing core competencies in communication, problem-solving and critical thinking, York provides students with valuable experiential opportunities that will support their careers with tangible skills and experience, no matter which academic path they choose.

In our School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, students engage and exchange ideas with performers and artists. At the Faculty of Health, students apply what they learn within schools, hospitals and community health centres. For Glendon College, students are perfecting French-language skills alongside local francophone or bilingual community organizations. These are just a few of many examples of how experiential learning is incorporated across our many programs and areas of study.

Beyond the classroom, York provides a nurturing ground where our students can jumpstart their impact and make themselves more hireable before even starting their careers.

Through the C4: Cross Campus Capstone Classroom, our students develop and hone transferrable skills as they join interdisciplinary teams to collaborate on solutions to real-world challenges. Whether discovering how to use artificial intelligence to support graduates in their job search or using learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic to explore the future of education, this initiative is providing students with the opportunity to play a direct role in creating social impact while building their resumes and skillsets.

The York community is also rich with extra-curricular opportunities for students to cultivate the leadership, teamwork and social skills essential to a career in any industry. This includes participating in student government, orientation and new student transition programming, and more than 350 student clubs and organizations.

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