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What is C4?

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What is the Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom?

The purpose of C4 is to provide students with an opportunity to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams on real-world challenges with social impact. Throughout this journey, students will develop and hone transferrable skills while learning the value of multiple perspectives and approaches to research, design, and problem solving.  This experience will help students to recognize what they can offer the world and thus prepare them for their future. 

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Key Features

  • Team-based collaboration
  • Off-campus partners and mentors
  • Advanced level research and design
  • Multidisciplinary classroom
  • Full-year course experience
  • Critical, creative, strategic thinking
  • Complex, real-world challenges
  • For-credit career development
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Course Expectations

  1. Students will learn to work effectively within diverse, interdisciplinary teams and engage professionally with partners and professors as they develop their collaborative projects. 
  2. Students will gain and hone a variety of personal and professional skills, identified by the professors, supervisors, and students themselves. 
  3. Students will integrate diverse approaches, perspectives, and knowledge as part of their teamwork processes.
  4. Students will deepen their sense of social and ethical responsibility. 

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Learning Outcomes

Students participating in C4 will be able to:

  • Mobilize knowledge across disciplines and off campus
  • Recognize the transferability of their skills and knowledge
  • Embody independence, autonomy, initiative, and leadership
  • Engage in advanced-level critical, creative, and strategic thinking

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C4 is a space where people can be people first, rather than the disciplines that we sometimes see them as.

— Franz Newland, C4 Team

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