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Winter 2025

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C4 Winter:

C4 Sprint 3.0 is a two-layered experiential learning space for upper-level students and graduate students from all Faculties. The course meets Tuesdays 2:30-5:30pm between January and April and culminates with a Spring Capstone Day on April 25th.

Space is extremely limited, so apply now. Successful applicants will be notified through their York email. 

C4 Sprint 3.0 (January to April)

Tuesdays 2:30-5:30pm

Room: TBD

For Upper-Year Students from All Faculties:

C4 Sprint 3.0 combines two streams of C4—1) Launchpad (for 3rd/4th year students), and 2) Management (for undergraduate students who have completed C4 and graduate students)—into one multi-layered classroom. The whole class works collaboratively and closely over an intensive term to rapidly develop viable solutions for a large, complex, social-impact challenge directly linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

C4 Launchpad 3.0 (Third-Year/Fourth-Year):

Third- and fourth-year undergraduate students, who are new to C4, work intensively over a semester on one big, complex, multi-disciplinary project, pitched by a partner. Students are broken up into sub-teams and then managed by more senior students who are registered in the C4 Management program. This experience is intended to offer students an opportunity to acquire insights into convergent, divergent, and complementary modes of research-design and practice, which is highly valued in a number of fields.

C4 Management 3.0 (Undergraduate Students who have completed C4 and Graduate Students):

C4 Management is a high-impact finishing program for C4 (and ENG4K) alumni as well as graduate students. Students are given the opportunity to lead teams created from a group of undergraduates who are registered in C4 Launchpad. Together they will work intensively over a semester on one large, complex multi-disciplinary project, pitched by a partner.

Sample Sprint Syllabus

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