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Projects: Fall-Winter 2023/2024

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Please use the tabs to view projects by class and use the drop-down button to reveal the projects under each day.

TEAM AA: How can we better use scientific and artistic experiments and practices to open up cross-disciplinary engagement in the K-12 space? Sensorium

TEAM AB: How might a student-led clinic space be implemented, that supports student learning and the community, and makes university spaces more integrated into our communities? Danielle Dobney

TEAM AC: How can AI be brought to bear to make policy and advocacy research and developments more accessible and available to youth, to support local community needs? Engage

TEAM AD: How might we help find ways for communities and local government to address the backlog in community projects resulting from consultation paralysis, without jeopardizing the genuine needs of the communities, an that also achieve more timely, cost-effective, engaged impact? City of Toronto

TEAM AE: How can we use "big umbrella" sustainability to tell the story of our ecological crises in a way to get every member of the York community committed to meaningful action? York Sustainability Office

TEAM AF: How, and how quickly could we create a genuine second chance for youth who have previous criminal history from mistakes in their past, that enables them to earn an income with dignity? InfiniGuard Security

TEAM AG: Given the limited resources, and administrative and other hurdles to connect independent and grass-roots dance organizations to spaces and each other for creating dance, how can we help a large dance organization use its existing creative action programs and frameworks to make the creation of dance more accessible, bringing the impact of dance creation to more of the world? The National Ballet of Canada

TEAM AH: How can we re-imagine celebration and ceremony in our university-wide events such as convocation, to decolonize, and ensure true diversity, equity and inclusion for the whole community? Alumni Relations

TEAM BA: How can we identify and tackle the real challenges of light pollution to our general health, wildlife, energy usage and science, whilst addressing the genuine needs for safety and security in our communities, in a way that engages all community stakeholder voices? Royal Astronomical Society

Team BB: How can we make and use media to educate and inform, to help break down the otherness of disability, and make York a more inclusive community and space? York Student Accessibility Services

Team BC: How can create impactful, engaging and structured opportunities for students and alumni to connect, fostering a networking environment so compelling that students are not only motivated to participate but also prioritize their time for it? Alumni Relations

Team BD: How can we address the social, equitable, organizational, financial, technological and/or policy barriers to improving existing condominiums to create significantly more sustainable existing community living spaces in Toronto? Efficiency Cap

Team BE: How can we help local community-based food banks improve food security, safety, diversity and responsibility, to improve the mental and physical health of the communities they serve? HiGarden

Team BF: How can we help an organization become more "big-umbrella" sustainable, achieving a tangibly better environmental footprint and being a better employment partner to marginalized members of the local community? Weins Autogroup

Team CA: How can we create a space for black, newcomer and racialized youth, whose voices have been silenced through systemic barriers, to share their lived experiences in their own ways? FYI

Team CB: What mechanisms might be appropriate to address how celebrity, representation and role-modelling adversely affect informed consumer decisionmaking? UWCNY

Team CC: In what way can we help newcomers to Canada better understand personal finances in a Canadian context, to improve their experience and community engagement? RBC

Team CD: How can we develop a roadmap to support organizations from grass-roots to federal government address immediate, short- and long-term challenges for people facing mass-migration? JFCY

Team CE: How can York become a tangible ecosystem of living labs in partnership with the community and other stakeholders to demonstrate what achievement of genuine sustainability can actually look like? Sustainability Office

Team CF: What carbon impact measuring tool can we implement that will work nationally for gr k-12 students to help them select and lead school- and community-based Action Projects to positively impact climate change? Learning for a sustainable future

Team CG: How can we ensure at-risk youth can be supported and trained to be empowered to take on community micro-issues in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, and create their own business opportunities? Infiniguard Security

Team CH: How can How can we roll out a tech for all hub at York and beyond, refurbishing and providing computing capabilities, training and access to those in need, for free, to support our students and local community and solve a key component of the digital divide? Let's Get Together

Team CI: How can we How can we help people in marginalized communities better reflect on their own to identify and improve their quality of life and connect them to resources to support? Social and Technological Systems Lab