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Our Team

Who makes up the C4 team?

C4 is mobilized by a multidisciplinary team of professors, staff members, alumni, and students that spans both of York's campuses.

Alice Kim SoTL

Alice Kim

SOTL Research Lead
Learn more about Alice

Andrea Kalmin Teaching Team

Andrea Kalmin

Course Instructor, LAPS
Learn more about Andrea

Carolyn Steele Teaching Team

Carolyn Steele

Course Instructor, Humanities
Learn more about Carolyn

Catherine Shi Admin

Catherine Shi

C4 Program Assistant
Learn more about Catherine

Dana Craig Liaison

Dana Craig

York University Libraries Liaison
Learn more about Dana

Danielle Dobney Liaison

Danielle Dobney

Team Culture Strategist, Health
Learn more about Danielle D

Danielle Robinson Curriculum Lead

Danielle Robinson

Director, Co-Founder, and Co-Curriculum Lead, AMPD
Learn more about Danielle R

Elsie Mahendran Communication

Elsie Mahendran

Social Media Assistant
Learn more about Elsie

Franz Newland Curriculum Lead

Franz Newland

Co-Founder and Co-Curriculum Lead, Lassonde
Learn more about Franz

Laila Sheather Design

Laila Sheather

Website Designer
Learn more about Laila

Mariya Shireen Communication

Mariya Shireen

Social Media Assistant
Learn more about Mariya

Myka Jaymalin Communication

Myka Jaymalin

Social Media Assistant
Learn more about Myka

Natasha May Liaison

Natasha May

Teaching Commons Liaison
Learn more about Natasha

Renata Indar Admin

Renata Indar

Experience Learning Community Liaison Coordinator
Learn more about Renata

Zemina Meghji Project Management

Zemina Meghji

Project Management Lead
Learn more about Zemina