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Andrea Kalmin

Andrea Kalmin

Curriculum and Teaching Team Lead


Andrea has been teaching in the post-secondary education sector for over 20 years, having spent the last 15 years as part of the York University community. As an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Social Science, she has had the honour and privilege of mentoring students through a multitude of educational challenges. An award winning teacher, she has committed herself to facilitating transformative teaching and learning experiences for York’s undergraduate students. Highly skilled in advanced research methods (both qualitative and quantitative), her commitment to their practical application to solve real world problems makes her a good fit for the C4 teaching team. She is excited about the opportunity to apply her skills, knowledge and expertise in such a unique and innovative educational context, but she is most excited about being able to collaborate with like-minded educators and innovative students. She looks forward to the unique journey we will all be taking together, and is prepared to enthusiastically embrace the challenges ahead!