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Mission & Management


Our mission is to mobilize Artificial  Intelligence and Big Data techniques in an ethical  way to  build equitable, resilient governance strategies and increase societal preparedness for future global pandemics and climate disasters.

Consortium Management

The scientific program for ACADIC is directed by Dr. Jude  Kong, supported by other executive committee. The  executive committee meet bi-weekly to share progress on the individual projects and to identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration between the project groups, including inter-project sharing of approaches and expertise. To ensure that the research outcomes are achieved, the  executive committee provide the leadership and problem-solving skills necessary for making strategic decisions about research directions. The  executive committee critically assess progress, making adjustments where necessary.  Executive committee meetings are facilitated by Dr. Kong. All team members, High Qualified Personnel and  collaborators meet at least once  a per year. The meetings are supplemented with interactive online communication (e.g., Slack) which help ensure maximum participation from all ACADIC High Qualified Personnel (HQP) and Team Members (TM). The planned meeting of all the Team Members and collaborators usually take place at the same time as ACADIC  workshops.

Day-to-day management is handled by consortium's administration and communication manager. The consortium's administration and communication manager is based at York University. The consortium's administration and communication manager duties include handling paperwork, organization of the executive committee meetings, minute taking, writing reports and managing the development and maintenance of ACADIC website and social media accounts. The consortium's administration and communication manager also take care of  the main organization duties of the meetings, and public outreach.