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In 2017-2018 York University transitioned to the Shared Accountability and Resource Planning (SHARP) budget model, a modified version of an Activity Based Budget model (ABB) that assumes shared financial responsibility.

Features of other budget models have been incorporated into the SHARP budget model to introduce additional strengths, minimize the drawbacks of ABB, maximize incentives for activities, and strengthen York’s existing Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) framework.

Key features of SHARP are:

Resource allocation to Faculties based on the revenues they generate (grant and tuition income) with costs of university-wide expenses being charged back in a transparent and repeatable manner;
Two Presidential Advisory Councils with broad representation:
-University Fund Council for time limited budget requests
-Budget Council for base budget requests;
Shared accountability for resource management;
A University Fund that provides resources for strategic initiatives in line with University priorities, tailored support to Faculties where needed, and a contingency fund to manage institutional risks and unforeseen costs.