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Welcome to Budgets and Asset Management

Budgets and Asset Management is dedicated to supporting York University’s budgeting processes and structures, in pursuit of its mission, vision and priorities. We also collaborate with key stakeholders in developing strategies for the ongoing, sustainable funding of University capital and technology assets. 

The University uses an activity-based budget model, sometimes also referred to as a responsibility-centre management budget model. Internally our budget model is known as Shared Accountability & Resource Planning (SHARP).  York community members can learn more about the SHARP budget model here.  

The University has a multi-year planning cycle for its operating budget.  Each budget plan presents a budget for the upcoming fiscal year as well as projections for two outer years.   

The budget plan outlines the basis for the underlying revenue assumptions for enrolment, tuition and grant revenue, investment income, and other miscellaneous revenue.  The budget plan also outlines the underlying assumptions for all major expenditures including compensation costs for faculty and staff, operating costs, new strategic investments, post-employment costs, contributions to reserves, etc. 

The University’s budget is primarily on a cash basis and conforms to internal accounting policies.  The budget plan is for the operating fund only and does not reflect the activities of the University’s research, endowment, capital, and ancillary funds.