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Transformative Disaster Risk Governance

The road to a better, equitable and sustainable state of human well-being

Transformative Disaster Risk Governance (DRG) and Emergency Management is a University-wide initiative aiming to position York in an international leadership role by pursuing several goals in research, scholarship and academic and professional development activities. Transformative Disaster Risk Governance is a multi-disciplinary project bringing together experts from Disaster and Emergency Management, Public Health, Governance, Environmental Studies, Natural Science, Mathematics, and Engineering to work on all aspects of Disaster and Emergency Management, including a series of measures and practices consisting of five major pillars- prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and adaption- designed to reduce risk and health and economic consequences. Transforming the way we approach crises and risks requires a paradigm shift on the part of those in governance to reduce negative health consequences, economic burdens, and disruptions across society. When these disciplines come together to anticipate risks and innovate around them, it can also create a more resilient and equitable state of human well-being.

Collaborating Research Groups

Centre for Refugee Studies