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Future of Transformative Disaster Risk Governance and York’s Leadership

Without a transformation in DRG and with the increasing number of natural disasters, and the global population growth (projected to reach 9.7 billion in the next 30 years), the environment will be relentlessly damaged and millions of individuals, particularly in low and middle-income countries with higher vulnerability and lower resources, will be severely impacted by disasters. Governments, private and non-profit sectors, professional organizations and communities can come together to reduce the disaster risks and increase the preparedness and therefore prevent a considerable share of these damages. The role of academia is significant here: upscaled research applicable in real life situations, training the risk management professionals and supporting internship opportunities form the first pillar of a powerful Disaster and Emergency Management System; these are paralleled with communicating and collaborating with and bridging the gap between governments, private and non-profit sectors and communities to invest in the Disaster Prevention and Response and building resilience against disasters, raising public awareness and increasing personal and social disaster preparedness.

York University has the capability of forming a Transformative DRG System, relying on its research and training excellence, through diverse opportunities such as DEM certificates offered to interested students across the campus and extending the training programs and certificates to volunteers in the community at both national and international levels.