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eClass update

eClass update

Dear York Community,

You will be aware that University Information and Technology (UIT) staff, together with external experts, worked over the weekend to repair issues with the database that supports our eClass platform. I am pleased to share that our efforts proved effective and we have had an excellent start to the week, even with a record high number of users.

It is important to note that given our online/remote learning environment this year, the University has seen a significant increase of eClass users, up from 8,000 users last year, to 16,000 users per minute this year. We maintained a remarkably fast response time on Monday, and we are seeing even higher usage numbers today, and the system continues to perform reliably.

The UIT teams continue to work on improving the performance of eClass, as well as the stability and resiliency of the system overall and we will ensure you are kept updated going forward.


Donald Ipperciel
Chief Information Officer