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We recommend you check out our self-paced learning package available on YU Learn. These resources will be updated periodically, so make sure to check back often.

Training TypeDescriptionTarget AudienceTraining Site Link
eReports Training Self-paced training available for everyone via YU LearnEveryoneYU Learn Course
Training Portal for Finance UsersSelf-paced training available for Finance via eReportsFinance UserseReports Training Portal
Forecast and Budget Call TrainingRequires use of eReports and PeopleSoft Training EnvironmentsFinance UsersPeopleSoft Training Environment
eReports Training for ResearchersCustom training available to ResearchersResearchersContact:
Intro to Finance at YorkInstructor-led virtual course that teaches employees how Finance supports the University's broader mission, what the established financial policies and procedures are and how to use the financial systems effectively.Finance UsersYU Learn Course


  • Special Purpose Projects (Fund 100)
  • Operating Fund (Fund 200)
  • Ancillary Fund (Fund 300)
  • Internal Research (Fund 400)
  • Sponsored Research (Fund 500)
  • Trust and Endowments (Fund 600)
  • Capital (Fund 700)
  • Courtesy Accounts (Fund 900)