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Help shape the future of eReports with your ideas!

Your insights are crucial in shaping the future of eReports. We believe that the best improvements come from listening to our users—that's you! Provide your feedback!


  • Shape the future of eReports with your ideas

    Help shape the future of eReports with your ideas ! Your insights are crucial in shaping the future of eReports. We believe that the best improvements come from listening to our users—that's you! Click on the Feedback button to provide your feedback.

  • July Networking and Communications Statement

    Networking and Communications Statement are now available for July 2023.

  • Finance - Invoice PDF files

    Due to modified operations, the availability of accounts payable invoice images through eReports will be delayed. Images for invoices processed during the week will be available in the following week. Invoices for purchases made through Smartbuy are available in Smartbuy. Expense reports submitted through Concur are available in Concur to the claimant and the approver […]

Passport York AccountYou will need a Passport York Account to log in to eReports.
Request AccessYou will also need to request access to view reports. Submit a request for access to with the following information:
- Employee Name
- Employee ID and valid Passport York username
- Which reports you require access to (Finance, Human Resources, or Advancement reports). Contact your Executive Officer or Finance Officer for assistance
Finance Only- List of cost centres or financial rollups that access is required.
- For Funds 100, 200, and 300, it is necessary to provide the requested access level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced). For a list of reports by level, see eReports Access Levels.
- Rolling Budgets (Funds 100, 200, and 300 only) if required. Note: It is a prerequisite to have cost centres/financial roll-ups at the intermediate access level or higher for access to rolling budgets, and by default, access will be restricted to these cost centres/financial roll-ups. Access requests for Funds 400 and 500 must come from the cost centre manager or Research Accounting.
Human Resources only - List of departments with access to a given report—access will be restricted to employees in those departments.
Advancement only - Send an email to to request access.

eReports is undergoing a major refresh that will include adding several new and exciting features. Over the coming months, previews of and training on these features will be published under the [[add link to features page]] Features Page!

Training TypeDescriptionTarget AudienceTraining Site Link
eReports Training Self-paced training available for everyone via YU LearnEveryoneYU Learn Page
Training Portal for Finance UsersSelf-paced training available for Finance via eReports Finance UserseReports Training Portal
Forecast and Budget Call TrainingRequires use of eReports and PeopleSoft Training EnvironmentsFinance UsersPeopleSoft Training Environment
eReports Training for ResearchersCustom training available to ResearchersResearchersContact:
Monday-Friday5:00 AM-11:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM-Midnight
Sunday10:30 AM-Midnight

For Budget, Forecast & Rolling Budget, please click here:

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 1 Professional
Windows 7SP1 Professional
Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Windows 10

Web Browsers

BrowserSupported VersionsSpecial Notes
Chrome55NPAPI support dropped
Internet Explorer10, 11Windows only
Edge38Java applets not supported
Safari9.1.2Mac OS X only, For iPortal only

Additional Software

SoftwareSupported Versions
Adobe Reader8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0

Content Export:

SoftwareSupported Versions
Microsoft Excel2003, 2007, 2010
Microsoft Word2003, 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint2003, 2007, 2010

Important Notes


  • Microsoft® Service Packs are supported.
  • eReports requires enabling pop-ups and adding it to trusted sites for proper functionality.

Content Export:

  • Known issues with opening Office 2003 or older files in Office 2010.
  • Actuate e.Reports supports export to older Microsoft Office formats (xls, doc, ppt).

Workaround for Office 2010 Issues:

  • Export to newer Office 2010 formats (e.g., xlsx, pptx, docx) or adjust Office 2010 settings to open older formats.

Excel Support:

  • BIRT Spreadsheet technology supports Excel 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010.