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York Licensing

The York University Licensing Program grants qualifying parties a non-exclusive, term limited license to use the University's marks on merchandise and promotional articles. The terms and conditions of use are contained in the Trademark License Agreement, and the license is granted by the York University Licensing Board.

Trademark Protection

The name, York University, and all the names, insignias, logos, seals, crests, designs, marks or other symbols associated with York University, its Faculties and Colleges, are the exclusive property of York University. All use of these marks is protected and a license for use must be obtained from the York University Licensing Board.

Responsible Manufacturing

York University wishes its names and marks to be associated with products produced under legal and fair labour conditions, and therefore requires its licensees to manufacture or imprint merchandise that has been manufactured under these conditions.

To meet this requirement, the Licensing Board has developed a code of conduct with which all approved licensees must comply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Licensing Program FAQs answer questions about who has to use an approved licensee to manufacture products with the York name, who runs the program, how program funds benefit York University and more