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License Terms and Conditions

The Licensing Board grants qualifying parties a non-exclusive right license to use the University's marks on merchandise and promotional articles. The terms and conditions of use are contained in the Trademark License Agreement between the University and the licensee.

The license is term limited and subject to annual renewal. The renewal fee is $150.00.

Applying for a License

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: ensure that you have read and understand the licensee obligations and responsibilities.

  1. Complete the application. Include the required documentation in your submission:
  2. Send your package to the address indicated in the application form.  The completed application package will be considered by the Licensing Board.
  3. If the application is approved, the  Licensing Coordinator will send a trademark license agreement to the applicant for execution (click here for a sample agreement) together with instructions on how to obtain approved York University marks and logos.
  4. Execute the agreement and return two signed copies to the Licensing Coordinator together with a royalty advance. One copy will be returned for your records.

York U pen

NOTE: each item displaying a York name, mark or logo must be approved prior to manufacture - see Licensee Obligations and Responsibilities - item sample approval.