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Welcome to the University Services Centre (USC)

The University Service Centre (USC) is York University's shared services entity that brings together services from functions including Human Resources and Finance into a single, integrated unit. The USC is dedicated to service excellence, and strives to make staff services easier to access, faster and more consistent. For more information on the services currently provided by the USC, select the appropriate service line below.

IT Support (Client Services and Classroom Support)

Submit an IT Ticket

CONTACT US for urgent/other IT or Classroom Support inquiries

Learn more about IT Support

Learn about Passport York: 1. Students 2. Faculty & Staff

Learn about queries related to Emails: 1. Students 2. Faculty & Staff

Learn more about other IT Support services: 1. Students 2. Faculty & Staff

Learn more about the classroom support

How the USC helps YU

When fully implemented, the USC will become a one-stop-shop for all administrative services and needs.

Wondering what to expect from the USC in the future? Check out a future rendering of the USC in the following video.